Skinny dipping


Skinny Dipping




I see you watching, from the shore


wanting, needing, so much more.


Wondering, just how deep,


you need to plunge, to feel my heat.




I know, you want my caress.


To feel me encase every inch of flesh.


I need my love to come to me,


dive in to the very core of me.




Feel me touch, your smooth skin.


Take you, surround you, deeper in.


Lose control and ride the tide.


Feel me, need me, for all time.




Dive deeper,dance with my soul.


As two become one and whole.


Join with me, as our spirits soar


and we disappear from the shore.






Katie Magnet x   c.2013


About athousandhats

I fight for what I believe in and will stop at nothing to protect my family, friends and colleagues. I have a military and Police background and fight for the rights of Children . This blog is to help the wonderful world of twitter, to understand a little about me. My account is anonymous and I hope in reading this blog you will understand why .
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8 Responses to Skinny dipping

  1. Mags says:

    Oh Katie, I love this so much, I’m so pleased you wrote it, I loved that image when you posted it the other day!!! Mwah xx

  2. debradml says:

    Wow Hun beautiful words! Love it 🙂 xo

  3. thank you lovely xx mwah

  4. debradml says:

    Reblogged this on Words from across Oceania and commented:
    # Beautiful words from a “Water Angel” Mrs. Katie Magnet ~ Debs xo

  5. @DarwinBlake says:

    Mrs Magnet. A truly beautiful display of how wonderful and talented you really are.
    I love it. And also you. ♥

  6. scotwalker41 says:

    I love your poem very well written. I write poems too so hopefully I can share a few of mine with you on my blog. P.S It’s been a while since you did a blog post 😉 xxxxx

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