1st birthday message x

My first year on twitter. I thought I had tackled most things in my life. Thankfully, I had a badge, uniform for a time, team to help me. Twitter has been the biggest discovery I have ever made. Pure hate for no reason, jealousy like I have never known. I am used to people liking me for who I am and despising for what I stand for. That is the career path I chose. I am thankful that I did. I stand knowing many lives are changed for the better.

The most wonderful thing is I found amazing people, doing incredible things, just because they can. They raise money in their spare time. Run up mountains because I said #mysocksaremagic . They do it because of their love of humanity, the knowledge to give, is to receive. I have found people who make me smile, just for knowing a little about me.

The discovery of all the people determined to keep the job as it should be, has taken my breath away. Knowing I am here with many that love what they do and are willing to fight PRICELESS !

There are many times I wish I could share my number, chat to many, it runs through my mind everyday.

I chose a path. I did it well. I am KATIE MAGNET Mum, Wife, Mother, Friend xx Thank you all for my fabulous year xx

About athousandhats

I fight for what I believe in and will stop at nothing to protect my family, friends and colleagues. I have a military and Police background and fight for the rights of Children . This blog is to help the wonderful world of twitter, to understand a little about me. My account is anonymous and I hope in reading this blog you will understand why .
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4 Responses to 1st birthday message x

  1. djeg says:

    happy birthday for this lovely year..

  2. If I can make you smile then my Tweet has been worthwhile

  3. @DarwinBlake says:

    Sorry for the late Comment, i have been a bit busy writing…things… ha-ha
    well done, achieved so very much, deserving of any and all praise you get and also make me laugh, smile and be proud to share my feelings on a daily basis.

    Thank-you Katie

    Mr Darwin Blake

    The Almost Famous Author

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