Skinny dipping


Skinny Dipping




I see you watching, from the shore


wanting, needing, so much more.


Wondering, just how deep,


you need to plunge, to feel my heat.




I know, you want my caress.


To feel me encase every inch of flesh.


I need my love to come to me,


dive in to the very core of me.




Feel me touch, your smooth skin.


Take you, surround you, deeper in.


Lose control and ride the tide.


Feel me, need me, for all time.




Dive deeper,dance with my soul.


As two become one and whole.


Join with me, as our spirits soar


and we disappear from the shore.






Katie Magnet x   c.2013


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Feel the need t…

Feel the need to write. New post very soon, Gender within the ranks , 

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1st birthday message x

My first year on twitter. I thought I had tackled most things in my life. Thankfully, I had a badge, uniform for a time, team to help me. Twitter has been the biggest discovery I have ever made. Pure hate for no reason, jealousy like I have never known. I am used to people liking me for who I am and despising for what I stand for. That is the career path I chose. I am thankful that I did. I stand knowing many lives are changed for the better.

The most wonderful thing is I found amazing people, doing incredible things, just because they can. They raise money in their spare time. Run up mountains because I said #mysocksaremagic . They do it because of their love of humanity, the knowledge to give, is to receive. I have found people who make me smile, just for knowing a little about me.

The discovery of all the people determined to keep the job as it should be, has taken my breath away. Knowing I am here with many that love what they do and are willing to fight PRICELESS !

There are many times I wish I could share my number, chat to many, it runs through my mind everyday.

I chose a path. I did it well. I am KATIE MAGNET Mum, Wife, Mother, Friend xx Thank you all for my fabulous year xx

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Part 3 Life before

#Note that due to the sensitivity of this case I am unable to give exact details of the children’s disclosures.

I knew the children were safe and now it was time to find out what had happened in their short lives. I made my way to the scene. Panic had set in and my phone rang nonstop. How could this have happened and Who was to blame, were the most common questions. I knew then that the answer to these questions would not be straight forward.

Everything we needed from the scene had been collected. The team re-grouped in a Conference Room at the local Police Station and I switched my phone off. It became clear that the family had moved numerous times across many Counties and had come to notice in each County, yet because their life was nomadic, no one Authority had taken responsibility for them. Everyone realised that this family had needed help for years and that the children had been failed, on a catastrophic level.

Mum was a vulnerable adult with a Social Worker of her own. She had been married three times, once in the eyes of the law, twice more in the eyes of Religion only. Each marriage had produced children. We needed to trace the Fathers and knew they also had issues of their own.  We knew mum had called Social Services 74 times in the two weeks running up to finding the children, each time asking for help and each time saying she could not cope. No one had returned her calls and the children had not gone to school for three weeks.

Mum was now a High Risk Missing Person who had previously attempted suicide and was wanted for Child Neglect.

‘You switched your phone off Katie, Is it as bad as I think?‘ ’. My Superintendant had just entered the Room. ‘Would you have driven here if it wasn’t’’ I replied.  I briefed him and we had the normal arguments about who was doing the press release. I was pleased I won. I looked like shit and had no desire to go on television. The hunt for mum went national.

Day became night and I was grateful to whoever it was that ordered in pizza. I managed to get home before 3am and squeezed in a power nap, shower and extra strong coffee before the car returned to collect me at 7-30am. When I walked into the briefing room all the blokes looked like death warmed up. I was thankful for Touché Ecalt, I still giggle about the power of makeup.

We all knew the days plans and went about our tasks. The suite was ready and the interviews began. The children that could be interviewed were, the stories they told were chilling. They had gone to school in dressing gowns, unwashed and hungry. They had been bullied because of how they looked and when they asked for help were told to speak to their mum about it. It was the first time I was moved so much that I had to collect myself before continuing. It is much easier to interview victims of a criminal than victims of the system.

Interviews over, the drive back to the placement seemed relaxed. I chatted to the children and we discussed Christmas. When we got to the house their foster parents were waiting. They had been out and bought the children new clothes. I have never witnessed children getting so excited over clothes before, it was wonderful to see.

The 10 yr old disappeared upstairs and came down in a beautiful outfit with a pair of Clarks boots on. She kept looking down at them and smiling. I will never forget that moment. She turned and said ‘Can I go to the school disco? I have never been before, I have never had anything nice to wear!”.  It is safe to say the foster parent responded beautifully and the arrangements were made. I left the house, again reassuring the children I would return as soon as I could.

It was 7pm and mum had still not been found. Our time was running out and the decision was made to get the court order needed to keep the children together.

When I got home that night I climbed into bed with my children. I woke up the next day in the same place.

At 8am the following day I got the call.  Mum had been found and arrested for Child Neglect.  My car was on its way, travelling time to the custody suite was 2 hours. The journey there was mind numbing . My phone rang continuously and information about the children’s fathers came flooding in. The arguments between Adult and Child services escalated and became very tedious. The Custody Sergeant called me expressing his concerns over the mental health of his prisoner, Mum. Quite rightly he had requested the Forensic Medical Examiner (FME) to come out and assess her.

I arrived at the Custody Suite at the same time as the FME. I looked at Mum and saw a broken woman who should not be in a custody suite. Within 30 minutes she was transferred to the local hospital and in time Sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Four hours later I was with the children explaining to them what had happened to their mother. The children were pleased their mother had been found and that she was in hospital.

They were ecstatic that they were staying right where they were, together for Christmas.

I now know fairy lights will always mean so much more too me than trees x

Thank you for reading xx


Four months later the children were reunited with their mother. They continue to live a happy life and have no contact with their fathers. The treatment and support the mother received was second to none and shows with help, families can stay together when the system gets it right. My Christmas wish is that in future all Agencies strive to get it right first time and think of the Family not what is within their remit.

Child Victims of Crime (CVOC) is a National Police Charity that supports children. To make a donation use the link below. Thank you x

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Part 2 Life Before

So there I was in the house with the Social Worker, organising transport to take the five children to Hospital. I knew it would take time for the arrangements to be made, so that gave me an opportunity to speak to them. I sat down on the sofa, holding the baby. The two year old climbed up next to me. I knew I was sitting in filth but this was my chance to gain the children’s trust. I needed to allow them to see I was comfortable in their presence. The four and six year old stood looking unsure as I started to explain to them what was going to happen next. I sensed the ten year old staring at me from the other side of the room and instinctively knew I had to let her approach me.  I told them that they had to go to Hospital for treatment, they were now safe and I was not there to harm them.

The children seemed to relax and that is when I asked “Where is your Mummy or Daddy “ The ten year old as quick as lightening went to the defensive and said “ I did try to keep us safe but the food ran out and the baby went quiet. She will be so angry I told. She has not been gone long, she is just ill.” I turned to the Duty Officer and asked him if he could hold the baby. He sat down on the sofa and opened his arms. I passed the baby over and stood up. Carefully I told her that she had been very brave and protected her brother and sisters well. I was surprised when she rushed over, threw her arms around me and sobbed.

Through the tears she explained that she did not want to be separated from her siblings and that if they went in care they would never see each other again. The words she used were that of an adult and I knew then she had been threatened with care before. I explained that we would try to keep them together but I could not make promises. My brain was going into overdrive “Where the fuck are we going to get a placement for five so close to Christmas”.

I asked the children if there were any clothes or toys they wanted to take with them. The ten year old accompanied me to the bedroom and told me that they did not have anything really. I stepped into the room and tried desperately not to show how I felt. The room’s windows were smashed, the beds were in bits on the floor and there was soiled bedding and clothes everywhere. I told her that we would find clothes for them and that there was nothing really worth taking as the little they had had been destroyed by the rain coming in.

We returned to the lounge. I now realised why the mattresses were on the floor. This was the only room in the house where the windows were intact. It was the only room with that offered any protection from the elements, but it was still freezing cold.

Our transport arrived. I approached the Duty Officer who was still sitting with the baby, I offered to take him but he stood up quickly and said “No, is it OK if I carry him to the car ?”. We all walked out, there were neighbours rubbernecking. We placed the children in the car.

I quickly told the Local Officers what I needed them to do next and this seemed to galvanise them into action. The Duty Officer turned, looked at the baby and simply said “Keep me updated “.

The journey to Hospital seemed to happen in slow motion. In the daylight the children’s skin irritations, from the lice, seemed more apparent and I could no longer blame the house for the smell. When we arrived at the Hospital the Staff took over. The children were photographed and I assured them that all was being done to find their Mummy and that I would see them soon.

The meeting that took place next was interesting. It started with the normal blame game that Agencies do, when they are scared and know that set procedures have not been followed. It took two hours to establish the information I needed to assist in the job of looking for Mum, despite it having been in the room all along.

I returned to the children. Miraculously we had found a placement for all of them to stay together. The children were exhausted and not fit for interview, so we transported them straight there.  As we approached the house I could see the Social Worker standing by their car. She smiled weakly towards us. As we pulled into the driveway, the children became nervous.

The house was a large residential property. The Foster Carers were lovely people who put the children at ease straight away. There was a large Christmas tree in the lounge and upon seeing it the two year old got very excited, taking my hand to show me the fairy lights. I told the children I would see them again tomorrow and assured them that everyone was working hard to find their Mummy.

I left the house wondering where they would be for Christmas and returned to the scene .

To be continued ….

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Life before

I have decided to write a blog about some of my life experiences, most of which moulded me into the woman I am today. My first is an experience from my days in the Police where I dealt with many cases involving Children. I will try hard to keep each case anonymous. If anybody reading this thinks they may have identified the incident or people involved PLEASE do not reveal any identities. I don’t want to have to deactivate my Twitter Account.

The irony of this blog is that, as I type it, I can hear “Children in Need” in the background on TV, illustrating that this is not a one off case. It was not the catalyst to write this blog as Mr M and I have been talking about it for several weeks, but again it just goes to show the fight goes on to protect all children all over the world from whatever danger they are facing.

Please give generously.


In hindsight, life in Magnet Mansions was never normal. My children never knew if Mummy would be home to tuck them in or indeed give them breakfast. I relied heavily on Mr M and the Au Pair to pick up the slack. I love Mr M for that deeply, he is a brilliant Father and a wonderful Husband.

It was 8am. I had coffee in my hand and was trying hard to listen to my children tell me about their last two days. They were excited to see me and even though I was exhausted I was very pleased to see them. Then the kitchen suddenly filled with the dreaded sound of my Job mobile ringing. Both of my children knew I would have to leave. I cuddled them, gave them kisses and told them we would be on our Christmas Holiday soon.

I answered the phone and walked upstairs “Sorry Katie I know you did not finish till 2 am but “They” have been found, they’re alive but in bad shape. The Officers on scene are distressed and the Locals cannot deal. There is a car on its way to collect you and the Duty Officer will meet you there.” “How long have I got “ I replied “ Ten minutes max, sorry mate I dispatched the car before the Local Officers got to the scene. Call me back when you’re on route and I will update you “. “Well I have had a coffee so I guess you’re forgiven “. I replied.

I grabbed my stuff, turned out the fairy lights on the Christmas tree and left.

I was updated in the car as it drove me to the scene. “They” were 5 children. The eldest was aged 10 and they had come to notice over 200+ times. I had sat in Case Conferences where Agencies had promised to complete actions, but No Reply Repeated Knocking, had clearly taken on another meaning to them. All I really knew before arriving at the scene was that the Local Officers were distressed, which is always a bad sign. The 10yr old had gone to a  phone box in her dressing gown and called 999 to say they where home alone. The Parents/Carers had not yet been located and there was a Flagship that makes people run for the hills, there might be possible Mental Health issues.

I arrived at the scene. The car parked outside the house. It was a nice street with some lovely houses. As I gathered my things the Duty Officer walked towards me. I knew instantly he had kids, even though I had never seen him before, his look gave it away. To describe his look is difficult, he had an emptiness in his eyes, where you could tell that what he had seen would remain with him forever. He was desperate to understand. I knew his kids would have extra cuddles when he got home. I also knew if he ever saw me again the same look would drift over his face before he looked to the ground, collected his thoughts and then acknowledged me.

Briefly he told me the children were inside, they were fine but severely neglected. Social Services had just arrived. I asked why they had not been taken to Hospital but already knew the answer, no one had taken control.

As I walked towards the house I saw a young Officer clutching a wall, he had vomit on his shoes and a look that still killed me even though I had seen it so many times before. He had an expectation that I had a reason or an explanation for what he had witnessed. I opened my briefcase gave him some wet wipes to wipe his face and shoes and told him I would speak to him at the debrief.

The Social Worker stood at the front door “My colleague is upstairs, we are just waiting for our Managers to make a decision “ The smell hit me immediately, I could understand now why the Officer had vomited. I walked into the house with the Social Worker following me twittering away, she said “We are so sorry we never thought anyone lived here, we have been to look but we couldn’t believe anyone could actually live here !” I turned and asked “How did you know that?” Their reply made me very sad. “We looked through the letter box, it looked so bad we thought it had been trashed by squatters”. My first thought was “What the fuck am I fighting against, you or criminals? Are you one and the same? My reply was “I am here now let’s all calm down and deal with what we need to”.

The house was situated over three floors, to say trashed and filthy would be an understatement, so I won’t bother describing it. I walked into the lounge and that is when I saw “Them”, 5 children, 5 precious lives that looked empty, weak and filthy.

The 9 month old baby lay quite on a soiled mattress, in what once could be described as a white baby grow. The room was freezing, I scooped the baby up. It looked into my eyes and had a natural reflex to grab my shirt for comfort. An Officer in the corner of the room said, and I will never forget this in all my days “Careful “it” has lice, possible scabies “ At that moment I turned to the Social Worker and said “Hospital now, we will work out the rest from there “. Inside I was thinking “What am I battling against this time”. Had they fallen through the net, had the System fucked them over or was there just no love in this family?.

To be continued …

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